Our Favourite at Home Exercises

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, there has been a huge increase in home related exercise ideas and workouts that are freely available all over the internet. We thought we’d share our favourite home workouts that we’ve been loving over the past month.

For Those Who Have No Equipment

Bodyweight exercise is a great way to get your body moving at home. These exercises are done with no equipment and are simple but effective. YouTube is an awesome place to find great exercises, and most of the workouts have a qualified trainer working alongside you. Our favourite channels are ATHLEAN-X, Nike, and Buff Dudes Workouts. We’ve linked some of their videos here.

There are also a number of gyms that have moved online. Les Mills is running classes online for free during the COVID-19 disruptions. There are hundreds of workouts to choose from on their website from high intensity interval training, to yoga classes. You can find them here.

For When You Need to Relax

If the stress of the world is getting to you, or you just need a good stretch, there are some amazing free yoga and meditation classes on YouTube that are great for all ability levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced yogi, these channels have a number of videos you can choose from. If yoga is something you are wanting to get into, try starting with 30 days of yoga by Yoga With Adriene. Or if you are wanting to connect more with nature, Boho Beautiful does some great classes in some amazing scenery. Les Mills also do a BodyBalance class which can be found on their OnDemand page mentioned above.

For Those Who Want a Little Extra

There have been some great news stories and posts to social media of kiwis using their ingenuity to come up with some awesome home exercise activities. This amazing story shows a young kiwi triathlete who dug his own pool in his backyard, and made running and bike laps around his farm to complete a full Ironman. It may not be everyones cup of tea, but definitely worth the mention! Find the full story here.