Raspberry Reload Gel (500ml) and Sipper Flask

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Before, During, After

R-Line Reload Gel has been designed for multiple uses – before, during and after exercise.

BEFORE: Endurance athletes know the importance of carb loading, but big bowls of spuds and pasta can be a little tiring and requires discipline and planning. Reload gel is an easy and convenient way of increasing your carbohydrate intake while you reduce the fat and protein in your diet in the 3 days leading up to a big event. 10 laps of the local pool is not a big event. We’re talking about 3 hours + here. Ideal for iron and half iron distances, multisport/adventure, marathons and long, fast rides.

During: While you are out there competing or training, wash down some Reload Gel with water (not R-Line Electrolyte Drink) to keep your fuel tank from hitting the empty-line at the bottom of the gauge, so you can keep going full speed for longer.

After: Ever heard that chocolate milk is good for recovery? True, but a little sweet for most tastes. Chocolate milk is effective because it contains protein, easily digestible carbs, and plenty of fluid. Protein shakes on the other hand often don’t have the carbs required for glycogen resynthesis.

By adding some Reload gel to milk, you have a similar macro-nutrient mix as chocolate milk for recovery. This will provide you with protein, carbs, water and a few electrolytes, a pretty good combo to help you prepare for the next outing. Try 100ml in 500ml milk for a delicious, and not too sweet end to your exercise.

Another Use… If you like your drinks a lot less sweet, or can get a sore stomach after a while on electrolyte drinks, next time you mix up some R-Line Electrolyte Drink, replace 50% or so R-Line with Reload Gel in equal proportions. This will drop the sweetness right down, and alter the carbohydrate mix so that it has a higher glucose to fructose ratio (that is, less fructose). Fructose can be tough on some peoples stomachs so this is a good way of tailoring your nutrition to your needs.

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Size: 500ml gel. Comes with 100ml refillable sipper flask


Water, maltodextrin, glucose, acidity regulator (330, 331), flavour, preservative (202, 211).