Electrolyte Drink Sponsorship for Events

We take great pride in being the sponsor of some of New Zealand’s greatest sporting events!

From marathons, to duathlons, swim carnivals, and MTB racing, we like to spread the R-Line love all over New Zealand. Whether you’re after a few bottles of concentrate for spot prizes, leaflets for athlete discounts, or finish line product, we’ll see what we can do!

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Why is R-Line great for events?

  • It’s in a syrup form so ideal for mixing in bulk (no clumping)

  • 1L bottle = 10L hydration drink

  • We can supply 10L and 20L jerry cans for events (pictured right)

  • A range of 8 flavours, something to suit everyone!

“One visiting competitor who has competed in numerous events including ultra-marathons commented that the half way and finish line drinks and food were the best she had ever seen”

Parihaka Trail Run 2019, Sport Northland