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Purchasing and Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to sign for my delivery?2021-02-28T11:33:21+13:00

By default, our deliveries do not require signatures. If you have special instructions on where to leave the parcel, please enter this information in Order Notes. If you want to sign for the delivery, this is an option on orders of 2 bottles or more. For this, please specify in your order notes that you want to sign for the pack.

My coupon isn’t working, what should I do?2021-02-28T11:14:36+13:00

A lot of our coupons only work on this page This isn’t always the case but is the most common issue.

Our coupons have a lot of settings. You may have applied to coupon to the wrong product, the coupon may have expired, or it may be limited to one use per person and you have already used it. There are other trickier settings that may be preventing you from applying a coupon to the cart such as there is more than one product in there, and one might be incompatible, or we may have made a mistake in the coupon configuration. If you are having trouble, we have a page here that has more information, or you can email who will be able to help you.

How can I use gift certificates?2021-02-28T11:15:51+13:00

Our Gift Certificates are super easy to use, they are like using cash on the website. We generally supply them as prizes for some events, and they often go to category winners.

Just pick any item you want, and when you get to the Checkout or Cart, just add the Gift Certificate code in the Have a Promotional Code section. Gift Certificates can also be split across orders. For instance, you could use half today, and half in a few months time. They don’t expire.

How long will delivery take?2021-02-28T11:28:10+13:00

Delivery Times

R-Line is located in between two couriers and the orders are processed daily.

Order Courier Expected Delivery Time Signature
Single bottle Courier Post Next day No
2 bottles + Toll Couriers North Island: 1-2 days
South Island: 3-4 days
No (Please specify in order notes if you do not want the courier to leave your parcel, and wish to sign for it instead)

If the postal address is rural, add 2-3 days to the above estimates.

Still haven’t received your parcel?
If the order hasn’t arrived or you have a deadline, email us at and we can send you your tracking number.

** Please be mindful when placing orders in late December due to the Christmas rush. Consider allowing a few extra days to your expected delivery time.

Can I get a tracking number?2021-02-28T11:25:10+13:00

We have a very manual system for dispatch because we use 2 different courier companies and neither has automated systems that can connect with our website. We don’t send out tracking numbers unless they are requested, and usually, the packs are received so quickly, this system works fine. To request a tracking number, email

Which payment methods do you accept?2021-02-28T11:21:42+13:00

We accept a range of payment methods online.

Our preferred option is bank transfer as this is the option with the least fees. If you bank with ANZ the transfer is instant and there is no delay in sending orders.

Our payment gateway is Paypal. This allows you to either pay by credit card or Paypal balance if you have one.

We also accept ANZ Fastpay app payments. For this you just need to send the payment to number 0275753348.

Lastly, we can take credit card payments over the phone. We ask you to text us after ordering, and we will call back at a convenient time to take your card number and expiry date. For this option, you must have a Visa or Mastercard, and it doesn’t matter if it is a debit or credit card.

What is the cost of delivery?2021-02-28T11:31:20+13:00

We offer free shipping for R-Line branded products for residential orders of $20 and over, and rural orders of $40 and over. This means a single bottle of R-Line receives free residential delivery, and 2 bottles will get free rural delivery. Some promoted products have delivery included on purchases of less than this.

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