R-Line has been scientifically developed at a leading New Zealand university for active people and athletes of all ages. The easy-to-mix concentrate contains just what you need to hydrate and recover from exercise and hard work, oh, and it tastes great too!

R-Line is designed to promote the availability of energy and to prevent or treat mild dehydration that may occur as a result of strenuous exercise.

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Electrolyte Drink Concentrate

  • Each bottle makes 10 litres of rehydration drink

  • 9 delicious fresh tasting flavours

  • Made with natural essences

  • Make by the bottle or the barrel, easy as

  • No more lumpy, bland powders

  • NZ’s highest level of total electrolytes in an electrolyte drink

  • Made with multiple transportable carbohydrates for an endurance boost that’s easy to stomach

  • Made in New Zealand

Proud Supporters of Local and Iconic Kiwi Events

A Great Sports Hydration Drink for the Whole Team

A bottle per weekend, or a box for the tournament, R-Line is the perfect choice for teams.

Easier to mix in bulk than powders, and with our range of flavours, you’re sure to find one that the whole team loves.

We may be able to do commercial rates if you are a coach or buyer, and will be purchasing one or more boxes. We can also provide proforma invoices, accounts and credit card payments. Email phill@rline.co.nz for details

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R-Line Activity Drink

Looking for a lower carb electrolyte drink option to support your lifestyle? R-Line Activity Drink is the perfect hydration drink for the workplace, or the playplace.

Batch Tested Options

Are you competing at a national level and need the assurance of batch-tested product. Our high-performance options of lemon and lime and blueberry are exactly the same as the rest of our range, but have undergone extensive offshore testing at an internationally accredited laboratory to ensure they are safe for use at the highest levels of competition.

Where to Buy

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R-Line Electrolyte Drink made its debut in 2011 and since then we have been steadily growing around the country. We now have retailers throughout most of the country, although not all stock our full range so its always best to call ahead to check they have your favourite flavour. Click here for a full and current list of our stockists.


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