We offer free residential delivery on orders of $20 or more, and free rural delivery on orders of $40 or more. There is a small charge that is applied at the cart for amounts less than this.
Rehydration drinks should always have sugars in them and in NZ/Australia it is against the law to sell and electrolyte drink with less than 5% carbohydrate. R-Line Electrolyte Drink contains 6.5% carbohydrate (combo of sucrose, glucose and maltodextrin) and R-Line Activity Drink contains 5% carbohydrate (combo of sucrose and glucose).
R-Line has the highest total electrolyte content of any electrolyte drink sold in New Zealand (3.9mmol/100ml).

R-Line contains only sodium; there is no potassium or magnesium.

Our formulation was developed through Massey University and we followed their recommendations – we didn’t forget potassium or magnesium! Research suggests that they offer no benefits other than placebo effects.

R-Line Electrolyte Drink was designed for high intensity sports, R-Line Activity drink was designed for lower intensity activities, especially the workplace environment.
R-Line contains a carbohydrate combination of sucrose, glucose and maltodextrin. We also include salt, citric acid and sodium citrate, and the preservatives sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate. We have 6+ flavours depending on the season, and have various colours – and if you don’t like colours, do the whole range in colourfree options.